Adoradogs.Bye bye stupid pantry.Making adorable seed packets.The Traveling KindAM lightNBA draft day.BFF.A lot of favorite things in this photo.Settling in to the new tack room. Thanks to @er_lucasUders loves dinner time the best of all times.PumpkinsThe woods beside the house.Trout Lily.
Brisket and squash chili with a side of cornbread yes maam.Oops.But Mostly the Staying Kind.Every time I look at this picture of the Poitou donkey I die a little of the ridiculous cuteness.A very pregnant Missy.Dirty lil dudes first day in the barn.Señor Butt Munch. Master of stubbornness.  I like him anyways.Shaunas inaugural ride on her new steed.Measure 91 approval yall.Friday NightStanding in the zinnias thinking of my sweet granddaddy. (They were his favorite flower)Walk in the woods bouquetImagining the tree that used to be here and feeling small.
Brisket chili yallBarn life USA❤️Sugar foot gets really excited about television characters like this#dre #4life🐴Koosah FallsHiking buddyMarian and Sabrina out for a paddle
Garden protector#barnlifeusa❤️Apples to the sky!💖👍Douglas Fur... heh... Get it?😴guest accommodation upgrade!  Come visit!Tack room art❤️❤️ RubyMcKenzie River @ Belknap Hot Springs#nofilterHeadwaters of the McKenzie