Fort Hill Lounge. Otherwise known as Our New Spare Room.ZzzzzzManzanita, OregonBeach day goodbyes.Scholls, OregonThis tax season totally kicked my ass. But I made it.  Cheers everyone!Looking good out there Mount Hood. See you soon #PdxFirst planted friend. Catnip- for monsterSpringtime, Beaver CreekPost shag carpeting. Pre new floors.I will miss this.Home owner tequila was just about as good as wedding tequila. No champagne for this duo.
Omg. Killed me with the slogan.Companions on the road todayShade gardenAdorableAmerica.Dusty house working .Is there anything more perfect than a bouquet of lilacs? (The answer is no - thank you @kbestybest !)Hardware storageNew songbird postage stamps @0emi lylime0 ! XoShag carpeting. Dont hate.Regram from @er_lucas of my victory lap around the house.Yes.
#mouse #artUnbuilding#plankingVictory lap!Woody livin the lifeThese guysObligatory #spring picLovely happy ladyMoved an old table and one leg decided to stay put
Neighbor brought over his #diytelescopeAdios popcornWho ordered a bucket of chicken?#interspecies #lovinGonna meow the yawnWing night!Genius @marianroselucas sums up #magnumPI in 3 icons