Okay last one from our photo shoot of adorable. When its your best friends birthday- its also your birthday.Little red riding hoods.Looking westThis guy ran all the way down the hill in a hurry just so we could take this selfie for you.Mo was very tired from all the fun he had to have today running on the beach. He took a moment to SUNBATHE. In oregon. In January. Like thats even a thing.All the dogs.Best friends forevers and Evahs!Throwback Thursday to that time Allie and I were wearing ridiculous outfits camping and looking amazing. Oh wait. Thats every time.How the dogs are spending their morning.Finished!Bottom half of my new kitchen pantry shelf. Complete with pie safes.FishingWall of cast irons.Riding at night.Sleeping in pajamas
Creepy red riding hoods.1099s for miles.Regram from @sbagrooven  we hit the beach today with a metal detector and a selfie stick. We are pretty cool. #notBeach babes @sbagroovenSand ShoogPerfectly gray day here in Manzanita.Curried chicken with chickpeas thanks to Jamie Oliver.Out in the pasture with a break in the rain.Remembering warmer weather on the beach. And Uders pondering life and love and poetry and what nice legs Annie has.Waiting to eat. Inspired by a piece by my Auntie Susie. @susiemondayMiss B.Cooking with gas! Thanks to the efforts of. @er_lucas and poppa Slakie.Fuzz Face McFuzzerston of Gopher ValleyPony Club.
Accidental result from the new kitchen shelf... Need a bigger hole to get the drums out.  LolAfter a brief hiatus due to accidental iPhone Frisbee... Were back!Red breasted sapsucker on an appleThe sun will be out of frame to the right before it rises above the trees.  Stupid latitude.Tis a frosty mornCoastal adventures#newport #oregonBrisket chili yallBarn life USA
Future table legThis adorable crew has been hangin around all dayBig waves @marianroselucasZucchini be like, dont worry man, I got this!Garden protector#barnlifeusa❤️