Scholls, OregonThis tax season totally kicked my ass. But I made it.  Cheers everyone!Looking good out there Mount Hood. See you soon #PdxFirst planted friend. Catnip- for monsterSpringtime, Beaver CreekPost shag carpeting. Pre new floors.I will miss this.Home owner tequila was just about as good as wedding tequila. No champagne for this duo.Today we bought a house. This one.Faces are hard. Flowers are nice.❀️🚢πŸ₯What!?Perfect turquoise blue gingham laces. Swoon.
Dusty house working .Is there anything more perfect than a bouquet of lilacs? (The answer is no - thank you @kbestybest !)Hardware storageNew songbird postage stamps @0emi lylime0 ! XoShag carpeting. Dont hate.Regram from @er_lucas of my victory lap around the house.Yes.You guys, the world is insane.Took off her hat and gave her more flowers instead. 🌷🌸🌺Camera man socks for the winRejected paper armsSometimes alcohol is the best answer to the end of the day. #thankgoodnessforwhiskeyMe and my guy Lucky.
#mouse #artUnbuilding#plankingVictory lap!Woody livin the lifeThese guysObligatory #spring picLovely happy ladyMoved an old table and one leg decided to stay put
Neighbor brought over his #diytelescopeAdios popcornWho ordered a bucket of chicken?#interspecies #lovinGonna meow the yawnWing night!Genius @marianroselucas sums up #magnumPI in 3 icons