My life is full of wonder and joy.    Shortbread for dinner.  What Udi thinks of arena work.  Relationships can be hard.    Tree decorating and train set up turned Eric and I both into kids again today. Also it was way more fun than when actual children are around who do it all wrong.   Nothing but big ol hearts dancing in our eyes.
 Top of the hill at sunset. Sheesh!  Snow days.    Udi and his cutie  Shoog listening to Eric play the first Noel on the violin.    Biscuit thinks computers are stupid and there can't possibly be anything more interesting than her on one.  Super excited to pull out this tiny nativity scene my mamma and I found at a yard sale last year. I had forgotten all about it.  Thankful.
 #olgrateful #tedslack #wildwoodwillamina  Cool sky    Never know who's gonna turn up at the #wildwoodwillamina @grit_wit    Ready to jam!  Reunited