This little leading light of mine.  Rainbow   While not the most beautiful of meals to photograph this bowl of slow stewed beef over top of cheese grits was good enough to mention.  Aloha!  What's making me happy.  Eric's Valentines Day competition.  I'm one lucky duck to take off and spend the day with this fella who turns 38 today.    We are all together and going to Mt Hood.  Magnolia Management takes casual Friday super seriously.
 I accidentally ordered a taco made out of fried chicken and I can't help but marvel in wonder at this world we live in. What an amazing and bizarre place.  Annie stealing hay from udi while he gets his feet trimmed. Sorry bud.  This tiny nugget had weird wispy old man hair.  Johnny Catfish came over to help me with my crossword puzzles.  Biscuit and Gus were embarrassed to discover that they had worn the same outfit to work today.  I think gun laws are too lax. We bought a 22 from this dog today. I mean he doesn't even know how to read. And then he ate my lollipop.  Neat underwater viewing on the Salmon River.    If ever there was a good reason to dip out on trying to get caught up on work seeing Miss Audrey and Brent play was it.
               I'm ready to step in if Lucinda's sound guys need a hand
     Willamina Museum  Got an early birthday present! Her name is Myrtle. Gonna come in handy at the #wildwoodwillamina  =progress  #thealladintheater is cool    #westvalleyshakers