This guy.Burgers Dogs Bacon AmericaYou guys. This happened to my cactus. I want to hashtag it erectile dysfunction but am scared of you guys actually clicking on that hashtag. Any suggestions to get this poor guy back up?Okey Dokey ArtichokeyJazzed up guest accommodations. (And I ordered pink flamingos off the internet after a few glasses of wine the other night)A couple of cherries.Waking up wobblyThrowback Thursday to spending the day at the River with my BESTiE. And because this is my favorite picture of the two of us.This lily is having a Georgia okeefe moment.Quick River TripWedded!Amber was so sleepy she didnt even know there was a line of hobo dinners right in front of her face.Im having a cocktail and watching my bestie arrange flowers.Cherry Pie
Oak Island NC- the waters of many sharks. So far I havent been eaten.Good morning little law abiding garden friend.The garden growsHandfuls of oats is the best way to Udi and Annies hearts.Saturday morning cartoonsMy friend dans cherry orchard tour vehicle.Also throwback Thursday to when these guys were in Oregon and not Japan. And I was with them in my rightful place as third wheel.This one too"She loves to ride horses, she doesnt care How long itll take or if she ever gets there. She aint got no reason and she dont need no rhyme, she just loves to ride horses in 3/4 time"Jake dons his ball and chain literally and figuratively.Dylan gives Tiana awayShauna and I made this arch for jake and tianas wedding. So Eric and I tried to look pretty under it.Perfect sleeping spot.Apple Pie!Blackberry Pie
Good morning Oregon!Sleepy poniesNew faucet installed! 😏Sugarfoot!  What are you barking at-- oh.  An elk.♥️✔️♥️ your neighbor!Oh shit!  Now its on!Moon over the coast rangeBack to the land of Douglas Fir and Pinot NoirHome sweet homeShoshone Falls, ID
Summertime taco feastHow to spruce up your wood pileYou cant always get what you want... But if you try sometimes you just might find ... You build what you need out of plywood.Dig that funky new backsplash#bestiesBoom!HOME! All smilesThe Three Sisters❤️ Idaho"Oh snap!  YOU-Daho!" - @marianroselucas