PoppyGood morning tree topsI know that udi and I were meant to be together because of the similar manner in which we pose for the camera.BFFs sharing their hay pileThe latest in neighbor Garys comedic genius.Uders didnt want to talk about taxes this afternoon. He wanted to talk about how cute his face is and how delicious peppermint treats are. I obliged.Erics best friends are freakin adorable.Spring flowersSheep season.Tax season breakfastUdi conquered his fear of the spray bottle today and we got this shiny ponytail as a result.Howard Finster all the way over here in oregon.Living room dart boardFather Slakie the happy young priest
Juan CarlosIts good to have a friend like Charlie cat to lift your spirits with a head butt when you are tired and likely coming down with a cold.Everythings coming up delphiniums and daffodils.The Duck and Pony ShowGopher Valley ElkDinner time selfie.  I had pizza and Udi had hay.Rainy day girl.Mom kisses.Milkshake really wants to come inside today.Sunshine over the manure pilePoniesBeekeeping class for this lil bookkeeper. With @er_lucas and @roshamboartfarmIm not sure who is happier. @darlingletterpressScotch with my pops tonight.
Pretty tough crewI swear shes getting cuter.  Shes like Benjamin buttonA sneak peak at the new Callahan-Carlos residenceElkGood idea painting the shed blue @marianroselucas
Perry is one cool customer when it comes to photobomb aWhen in Mississippi Records...Shift changeFuture garden gate@marianroselucas whackin itIt felt like art at the timeAccidental result from the new kitchen shelf... Need a bigger hole to get the drums out.  LolAfter a brief hiatus due to accidental iPhone Frisbee... Were back!Red breasted sapsucker on an apple