This is my favorite card Ive ever gotten. Plus all the sweet goodies that came with it from @yovintage  Thank you!A year of BFF selfies all laid out making me super happy.@emily_maya64  took this great action shot of all our boys.Beautiful morning.Oh look, I took another selfie with a horse. Surprise surprise!Schnozzes.Christmas shopping at LRPFort Hill Rd.Good morning Christmas cookies.#oregonlottery losing it.Eric and I just had like, a five minute conversation, each of us speaking as though we were one of pets. You guys do that too right?Hungry lil buddy.Udi - minutes before his malicious attempt to toss me down the hill. I think I can see the stink in his eye here.Cozy Morning. The dogs are watching a show about deer. Shoog is literally freaking out.
Throwback Thursday to when I was the coolest.I went to Udi school too. We are the slow learners of the class but we tried real hard to listen and not just throw spitballs and crack jokes.Udi went to Udi school.Eric sold this pretty table and bench that he built today. Its always hard to say goodbye but they found a good home.Charlie makes hay biscuits.Snuggles with this guy upon arrival home.My boots apparently called the leaf pile before work today to see what color they were wearing.Also. Ginger Snaps. #bestbreakfasteverChristmas Window Installation: Visions of Sugarfoot.Backlit barn shoulder selfie. I should probably put my phone down. #isthiscool?New friends.Beautiful ride yesterday with my beautiful best friend.Oh hay.
Future table legThis adorable crew has been hangin around all dayBig waves @marianroselucasZucchini be like, dont worry man, I got this!Garden protector#barnlifeusa❤️Apples to the sky!
Red breasted sapsucker on an appleThe sun will be out of frame to the right before it rises above the trees.  Stupid latitude.Tis a frosty mornCoastal adventures#newport #oregonBrisket chili yallBarn life USA❤️