SpinningChairman Charles of the welcome committee at the barnLucky RejoicesStand StillLil guy and big mammaOde to dear woody who always met me with a wag and a smile no matter how bad his old dog joints were hurting, who travelled miles of trails with us, and who always made me happy. Thank you sweet pup.Evening WorkinUders and i had a Lovely Sunday rideGuadalupe from my mamma found her new home on the walls today. Love her braids!Birthday bowlers.Love abounds at breakfast.You guys. Missy had her baby and the little mister is adorable.Dear Oregon, I ❤️u.The Cathy CK tumbler is amazing. And also this. Every. Single. Day.George is a Lady of Leisure.
Malfunctioning camera for the win.Sweet pea babesWhats making me happy: One coronita found in the back of the fridge and pretending its summer in February. #56degreesfeelslike75whenitsstillwinterReincarnationOne of my favorite photos of Woodrow and his buddy Ruby. Chasing after the truck on an adventure up the hill.Erics been busy yall. Today he made me me the plate rack of my dreams.Nearly done with the new kitchen counters.Shauna and OrionBzzzzz 🐝Girls > boysCalf pictures all day long!Shoogs Ears."Chores" (selfies)Marcus is on the news!🌞👍
Pretty tough crewI swear shes getting cuter.  Shes like Benjamin buttonA sneak peak at the new Callahan-Carlos residenceElkGood idea painting the shed blue @marianroselucasFuture table legThis adorable crew has been hangin around all day
Shift changeFuture garden gate@marianroselucas whackin itIt felt like art at the timeAccidental result from the new kitchen shelf... Need a bigger hole to get the drums out.  LolAfter a brief hiatus due to accidental iPhone Frisbee... Were back!Red breasted sapsucker on an appleThe sun will be out of frame to the right before it rises above the trees.  Stupid latitude.Tis a frosty morn