Team Awesome.Kitty Pool.Willamina CreekUpon finally getting to cross the fence, Udi realized it was the grass he was interested in -not the mares. Thats my boy.Udi B.A. Cutie, Esq.Amaranth.HilltopChristos, lil buddy.Gales Creek, OregonLOL.Reflecting.#walkingeaglesThanks to Justin, Shauna and Terah Beth our woodstove is back in its rightful place in the house.
Like. A. Boss.Willamina LogAnother day. Another piece of furniture for snoozing. #sugarfootSafety First.Oh to be a shoooooog.Im beet!Little one, all sound asleep in her chair. With her pillow.Heaven #lildrumBarnography.These cuties.Squirmin HermanThe Udes and his lady friends.Horse chores.This is how everyone chops onion right? #emilyisageniusShoog
Garden shed / greenhouse resurrectedKitty pool#ponderosa#cathlametdcTwinsiesUdi & Sunny@marianroselucas and her new whip!#toysGracious impromptu host PatrickPdx boundIts a rainy day sunshine girl#willamina #oregonCookie tin ClaireThese turned out pretty good  #walkingeagles #birdlaw #holyshit #rocknroll
Non stop cat pics!Today I delivered some tables and hung some shelves!Camping #walkingeaglesStupid skyPip the mischievous !#willamina#portlandThese hippos are hungry for some rock and rollWhen crossing St Johns bridge its customary to take a picture of said bridgeThis crazy little monster is hangin out on my cherry sapling.  Should I kill it with fire?Morning glory growing through a nail holeSetting up for our session in the roost #wwmf2014@marianroselucas demonstrating how to wear the new Walking Eagles t-shirt!