My girl.Window view#anunquietgraveLOLz.Skeptical seaside sealYou gotta know when to hold em.Worst dog. Best friend.My favorite three.Willamina Creek
Togetherie with Udes. Again.  Forevs.Udis first portrait.So true.Happy little dudes.Hello Yellow.Shoog, moving in for a full face lick.Charlie does not want you to make her turn this car around. Just get in, sit down, shut up and hold on.Cape Mears best lookout.Quacks and HonksGood MorningA sweet way to start the crisp morning. ❤️
Its good to have a guard cat for when your guard dog is asleep.Hey buddy!Know when to fold em#driftwood #bench #manzanita #coolOuch#walkingeagles#nerdalert After living w 1.4⬇️ & 0.2⬆️(!!!) for the last 4 years we have now leapt in to the future.  I dont even know what to do w all this bandwidth !Fly home little crab #Newport #oregon#newport #oregonNon stop cat pics!Today I delivered some tables and hung some shelves!Camping #walkingeaglesStupid sky
Fried oyster salad with honey buttermilk biscuits and oyster chowder👌 @marianroselucas 😍Charlie wasnt quite ready to leave the beach houseThe old man and the sea❤️Mom getting to know the neighbors!#coastrangeGarden shed / greenhouse resurrectedKitty pool#ponderosa#cathlametdcTwinsies