The bookkeeping tshirt of my dreams finally came true thanks to Allie Medeiros.  Manzanita!  Columbine  Spent the day yesterday mulching the front flower bed.  Don't worry though there's always plan b.  Oregon Oyster Party    Fireside tax day relief with these two cuckodoodles.  Reunited with my boy after a couple of weeks of having no time for his big silly face.  Bella's new favorite spot is back behind my monitor hanging out with the post it notes.  Portland places come in all shapes and sizes.  Truth  Saturday night. My favorite moment was opening a box of wine and marveling at the ferocity at which the wine dispensed.  Pear blossoms
 Our selfie game is strong  At pronto pup trying to decide if it's uncouth to ask a stranger to take my picture in the saddle atop the giant corn dog.  My best gal  Staring contest. B wins.  Can't believe I showed up to this party with two perfectly functioning arms. How embarrassing.  Sometimes Charlie dog gets herself into a bit of a pickle.  Staycation  Similar to toad in the hole @emily_maya64 and I found frog in a hole today in the horse pasture.  Me and the neighbor cows share a favorite person.    The optimal way of handling a tax meeting.  So I have one other full rack but this cracked me up. In this stack the only return left do do is my own.  Darling husband out there planning the barn.  The pasture. Looking forward to moving some ponies back over here for my viewing pleasure.  Lovely Light across the road
     @nathancapps33 #miniature #egg #castironskillet    Cat - still in bag.  Nothing better than an evening walk with these two  This gopher mound, nestled under a canopy of Douglas firs over winter, turned in to a work of art      Reluctant sharing    The Cheech to my Chong    No shoes no problem  #happyplace
 Staring contest champion  Tax deadline passed... I look forward to seeing a lot more of this from @marianroselucas  Apple blossoms & the moon  Don't think I need to mow this bit of the yard      Pears blooming    George the hypno kitty  When you make fun of the cat and realize she's right behind you    Ruff life  #walkingeagles