Willamina's Farmers Market featuring Hannah and Ted.  The West Valley Community Campus Board says Happy Fall Y'all!  My friend Darcy made this autumnal harvest wreath out of oak galls and usnea. It's beautiful.  The Coastal Hill Quilters do such beautiful work.  There is only one fictional character that represents my personality and good looks.  The tiniest cowboy  riding horses is mostly about convincing them not to be afraid of things like buckets, logs, tarps, birds, sprinklers, piles of dirt that weren't there before and their own shadows. Here we are facing off with a tractor bucket that was looking at udi wrong.    Sometimes when your ears are back it's because you are happy that your human is scratching that one spot under your chin.
 Snuck in a Sunday evening ride with the oaks and the hay fields.  The best.  Harvest Festival under way!  Another Coastal Hills Quilters' creation.  When you are a ridiculous human you do things like this. More than once in a year.  Hops are weird.  Rain.  Joy. Thanks for the picture @emily_maya64  Waiting around on someone to show up and udi and I took the opportunity to take silly selfies. Here we are with split focus and a bit of concern.
   Darlings of Willamina  This #willamina #quilting game #onpoint  Apple blossom?  Digging 4.5ft holes with a 4.5ft post hole digger
       Concrete waves  Disaster narrowly averted