This  -chimamanda ngozi adichie sharing things beautiful and thoughtful and important  Goats. Not my favorite of the animals but they sure can be cute.  Dr Martin Luther King Jr  Huddleston Pond  Home Sweet Home  Hugs from Udi. Squishing my face bringing out multiple chins and also the joy in my eyes.  Hey  It is beautiful out there! Shoog and I approve.  Oh hello new and exciting future art projects!
 -Warsan Shire  Love this guy spotted this morning on Morrison.    Reluctant Best Friends.  @darling.press made up these super cute Happy New Years card for little miss Magnolia Management.  This is how cute my husband is.  Biscuit is super duper sad about snow.  Out my office window. More snow falling and it's hard to sit and work.  Oh good. More snow.  The snow doesn't give a soft white damn who it touches. -ee Cummings
 #westvalleyshakers      Our frosty abode      Happy New Year Cake by @marianroselucas
     Did some tracking of some drums today! #westvalleyshakers    "don't fly south" they said. "Winters are mild in Oregon" they said    #westvalleyshakers making our debut tonight @ the #wildwoodwillamina  This pattern is pretty much me standing in my back yard