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 This tree was spared likely because he was so weird looking. That's a metaphor. About how great it is to be weird looking.    First outdoor show at the Wildwood of the season! With Harmed Brothers.  Allie and Annie  Shoogie ❤️s Eric  I made these flower pots to go by our pool. I stood back and thought "lipstick on a pig!"  Logging Site. With my fella Udi.    Daisies and Foxglove on our evening walk
 Riding the fence line looking for the break.  My favorite pie of all the pies. Sour Cherry.  Udi and Me  Morning Layers  A couple of cool dudes. Just hanging out being cool.  My pops is the bees knees. He's one of my very best friends.  Dark and spooky unknown woods lead to a clearing at the top of the Christmas tree farm. Victory!  The face me and shoog were both making on our walk. Exercise. Yuck.  The latest blooms in the flower bed. Some sort of lily. Not sure what kind. Do you?

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