Present from @er_lucas Im hoping to be a fast learner!Eric is not a Prickly Pear.Setting the tableMorning layers.Today is the day of birth of my favorite sister. She is the best person I know and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.One of these three is more stubborn than the others. Hint: its not me or blondie.At community plate in Mac for a day of best friend activities.So far Im nailing this task.Daffodils preparing for a February come back.Ziggy is such a weirdo.Sunday Night Willamina.You guys may have a hard time believing this. But this class on writing financial policies is actually incredibly boring.And last but not least. Yoga v. Fried chicken and whiskey.In case you forgot.
Some days you can give your whole heart. But some days you dont give a fuck.Some days you just cant try as hard as others.In continuation of favorite people birthday month today marks the day of birth of my favorite selfie partner. Shes a damn good cook, makes a better cocktail than any bar and her wit, beauty, strength and charm floor me.Sisters in the barn at our home in Redland Oregon.  I wish I had that trapeze again!  So fun!Blur of baby horses. Squeeeeeee.Safety first guys.@johngnorski and @katie_birdseed and sugarfoot are all so good looking.Stacking up those 1099s.My favorite time of day is the breaking of morning.My "thatll do till it dont" fencing fix.Eric. That guy. He did this.Good morningYoga v. IcecreamYoga v. A joint
🐱🍕💕Shoog is super curious about this funky new guyMost of this will get hidden behind cabinet doors... Or will it?!?! Nobody knows.Shoogie stylinThese are some tacos @marianroselucas made me for lunch.  I miss them.The office! 🌲🐓🌲😏Oops@rootjackI got chickens in the front yard... What they do is scratch and peck
#anunquietgraveB enjoys the incenseBella is sharing approximately 2% of this bench with GeorgieWestbrook doing his thingAlright then#willamina@rootjackIce on pickup