Drift Creek Falls  I walked across this terrifying suspension bridge today. At one point I considered crawling (around the middle) but I didn't. I walked. With my head held high (mostly for fear of looking down not so much for bravery)  The woods are beautiful this evening.  I swear it wasn't me.  Hey Batter  Sugar Foot is the best dog at watching TV.  Beautiful log cabin quilt that the quilters group made for the West Valley Community Campus to raffle.  Bootyfull    The lupines love the rain. And the big fat bumblebees love the lupines.  I got a little bit stoned today and hung my don't tread on me snake that @johngnorski made. And that sums up what I consider to be the best day ever.  Home of the best corn dog I've ever had. In nearby Dallas.    Home Away  Every day I want to be more like her.
 At Drift Creek covered bridge with the sweetest of hearts.  Shoog sits a spell  Homemade Angel Food Cake with Strawberries, whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon  Lincoln City Putt n Bat  Birthday batting cage fun times.    Into the light on shadow lane  You guys. Udi looks ridiculous in this photo.  The loveliest surprise peach colored iris bloomed I think haphazard unorganized gardening is the best. Every day is filled with excitement.  Hill Dogs  Eric and I tried to face swap last night but we couldn't figure out the new fangled app so this is all we ended up with.  Proxy Falls  Leah is light  If not by our faces surely you can tell we are kin by our hair dos.  Eric and Oscar are cute.
   #thimbleberry   @marianroselucas made angel food cake birthday cake for herself cause that's what she wanted to do               Interspecies confusion  Precious cargo  Staring contest champion  Tax deadline passed... I look forward to seeing a lot more of this from @marianroselucas  Apple blossoms & the moon  Don't think I need to mow this bit of the yard
     Merica! ♥️      This little grosbeak let me put my phone right up to the window and take his pic     Charlie lounging by the Mckenzie  These guys... #housefinch        @nathancapps33 #miniature #egg #castironskillet    Cat - still in bag.