Thanksgiving update: Ive commandeered the television and am now drinking champagne and watching British TV with my best friend Shoog while we wait for our lazy family to arrive.The cooking begins! Sweet potatoes with sage butter and breadcrumbs.Just your average willamina Monday night.OinkersHome to this little lovely valley. I missed her.Actually #gonefishing#washingtondrivers #jackassGetting ready to head out to white salmon with my girl @sbagrooven #gonefishing #girlsweekend #newwildernessbootsAlas Volat PropriisBromance.The only picture I managed to take from last nights fundraiser. Its a selfie. In the truck. On the way there. 💋💋💋Frosty morning. Not even the chickens will come down from their roost and into the yard.Orion.
Sugar is watching football while I cook, Charlie sleeps and Eric cleans. Happy thanksgiving yall.Studio manager#anunquietgrave recording in session.Weekend away was a success the first of a what will become a longstanding tradition. 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹#gonefishing#gonefishing with @sbagroovenCornmeal and cheddar waffle with bacon and fried egg. Yes.Do you think there is a big market for a calendar that demonstrates 12 unflattering helmet looks with your bestie?Lovely Sunday ride.Charlie takes a snow day everyday.  #retirementI made this tonight. Slow roasted pork shoulder in thai curry sauce with caramelized winter squash and a hard boiled egg for good measure.  Booooom.
Future table legThis adorable crew has been hangin around all dayBig waves @marianroselucasZucchini be like, dont worry man, I got this!Garden protector#barnlifeusa❤️Apples to the sky!
Red breasted sapsucker on an appleThe sun will be out of frame to the right before it rises above the trees.  Stupid latitude.Tis a frosty mornCoastal adventures#newport #oregonBrisket chili yallBarn life USA❤️