Ghost. And turkey soup for movie night.Deer creekI think the stupid dogs referenced in this fort hill rd signage are mine.HappyHappy thanksgiving from the willamina sweethearts🦃🦃Night timeIts time for my favorite holiday. And Im caramelizing onions and browning butternut squash in celebration.Stripey socks, pajama pants and dancing shoes. Im ready for the show at the wildwood.I miss both these grumpy dudes.Me and Udes are available to model in your magazine for a small fee.Morning visitorI have a similar saying that I use but it is a little different.You guys Im not sure Ive shared a picture of a Poitou donkey with you this year. I google image search them sometimes when I need a pick me up. So here ya go.
Not a bad view to start the day withJust another sunny winter day in OregonHappyStuffin muffins!Cranberries in a perfect turquoise blue fiesta dish my grandmama gave me.Thankful for a quiet early morning not spent at my desk but instead sipping coffee and reading by the fire.Galette time! Will he make it to tomorrow? Doubtful.My favorite Friday night fiddler.Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.Morning visitorSquishy face contemplating lifeShoogie and the art of zen on the back of the couch by the wood stoveAllie and Marian weekend update.
Shoog wonders if shell get any turkeyThanks Mt HoodWhos the cutiest?  Olive!Frosty morning@ the WWaaaaaaand, bread!November flowersSugarfoot tracks
Obligatory turkey pic @marianroselucas@marianroselucas made beef Wellington!Sunset on Fort HillCity workin this morningM put down some new tile in front of the wood stove and I added the barn wood trim 👌🏻A pitcher of porter?  Well have two!