Salsa PartySugarfoot needs all the pillows yall.UdironiView from the top of Fort Hill Rd.Its hard to get 4 fat heads in a square Instagram selfie.Today Shauna and I figured out that we can use power tools to work on the horses hooves. No more rasping for this girl! #worksmarternotharderBig ass tomatoes.Perfection. Hot off the vine.Urban Shaman made us shake our money makers last night. Who knew I would like a didjereedoodad.King of the Belly FlopsWeirdos.Morning neighborsWe hung curtains in the living room. This has significantly improved my daytime tv watching.
Eric and Charlie Girl. #bffShes the bomb. Get it? Like the photo bomb. But also like da bomb.I feel like Im in a sci-fi movie.According to Native American mythology this guy once had beautiful head plumage that he lost when he and his brothers and sisters fanned the sun away from the earth to keep all of us from burning to pieces. We could use a handful of these guys in the valley today.Riding the one nice spot of the trail I have dubbed the "Carlton dont go ride here trail"I cant think of one.Today is Leahs birthday and we got our nails done and we are drinking basil gin gimlets and I love her.Hay in his hair, hay in his mouth. This guy loves hay.Our sunflower trees are single handedly saving the honey bee population. Buzzzzzzz.Weirdos times a fewParty AnimalJust a couple of boobs.Sibling ice cream selfieThe other 3/4s of this is gone. I made zucchini pizza crust and topped it with fresh basil, tomatoes, summer squash and oven roasted sauce. Plus sharp cheddar cheese. What are you doing with your excess zuchinni?Woke up to a blanket of fog. It feels so lovely.
😉Luckily this alley isnt darkWhen camping... Bring only the necessitiesHang in there kittenJust some laid back dudesWent a ridin with my lady today!A mere 98 here in the hillsOur gracious hosts zipping all around and making it all happen!
This dude is tiny!  Button size... Smaller than a penny.😍🌲💕♥️OverachieversGopher ValleyHomeboy needs a minute to eat some a thisKitty time summertime@marianroselucas playing with our new toy