Garden guardinThe best 2nd lunch dates a girl could ask for.This tree grows cute applesAll of the things from the garden pizza. Plus ricotta.The other side of Garys prophecy sign.Little Miss Benjamin ButtonSo close.Truth. Thanks G.2 of my favorite dudesIts nice to have a horse around to use as a hitching post for your other horse.PalsIm over here selling at Maija Rebeccas booth and the job came with a fanny pack. Winning! #wwmf2015Maija Rebeccas beautiful stay wild design available in art prints, tanks and long sleeve. #wwmf2015Art Market is open! #wwmf2015#wwmf2015
Pollinators gotta pollinateSunday sketchesCherry and PeachBuzzin aroundPoor Eric woke up to a wife who had had too much coffee and was watching HGTV so we had to spend the day building this cute little front porch table.You guys what is this thing that I planted that I cant remember the name of now? It smells like heaven.Wind swept poniesMark. My favorite preacher man next to my dad.There is some hashtag about your Wednesday woman. This one is mine. Shes also my Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday , Sunday woman.Once, a while back I took a photo of Shauna and Annie looking up in awe at the giant Doug Fir that used to sit right here. Sad to see that old friend gone today.This gorgeous original at the art market by Kim Hamblin #wwmf2015 plus plenty of prints.Wood Turnings by the world infamous Gary Wooden #wwmf2015Bottle cap earrings at #wwmf2015 art market! $5 or $10 ❤️Your annual Marian and Kyle selfie. Brought to you by #wwmf2015 and tequila!Home with my best girl snuggled in bed eating pizza and watching Greys anatomy.
A mere 98 here in the hillsOur gracious hosts zipping all around and making it all happen!Psychedelic nosferatu Jesus#wwmf2015#wwmf2015 Gary and MarianThe queue #wwmf2015Mornin Bruce#wwmf2015Been doing a little constructing for the wildwood festMost southern burger ever?  Pickled green bean, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes & collard greensThis guy came out of nowhereGood morning Oregon!Sleepy ponies
@marianroselucas playing with our new toyGenius guru sound guyBackstage #wwmf2015#wwmf2015 #cascadiaMy main thingHitched up and ready to roll!B got this garden on lockdownHappy 5th anniversary my love!Summertime taco feastHow to spruce up your wood pile