Arguments. We all have them.It takes all shapes and sizes yallYesterday apples, today pears!Nap time all the time @bendantoniHermanWaiting for me to stop clicking around on my phone and bring them some hay.Sister from another misterNearly 8 miles with these guys today.Its harvest season here at rancho relaxo.Last day of September - sunflowers still blooming.Shoog Night NightCamp creekBirthday hand pies for Kyle.Sunny boy is a hoot to ride.In Garys defense he does, actually sell wood.
Rainy day poniesMore naps.FiresideRancho Relaxo at its finest.Cider!The sweetheart bromance clubRegram from @er_lucas of ladies ride.Aint that the truth, broPonies are home.Miss B is all dressed up but has nowhere to go.I got all sorts of cute and did this today.How we do. Champagne, manis and plenty of pork.I love my little chicken house that @er_lucas built. I also love this rooster.Out for a ride with these two babes.Good Night
Make like a tree
When a kid helps you carry somethingGetting acquaintedTis the seasonHome sweet, sweet home.Skotty of the sea