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Some very good friends of ours happen to play in a band called Houndstooth.  They were kind enough to play a little show for us a couple Halloween’s ago and I’ve just gotten around to assembling the footage for a lo-fi music video!  I ran out of party footage so …

iphone 4 011

strawberry time

12 pounds of strawberries if we had a car we’d have put them in the trunk.

first eyes open

oh my god kittens!

our barn cat king george had kittens last week.  They are all consuming-ly adorable.  it has been difficult to get any work …

Ed's RV-4

Today I went flyin’ with Ed.

My friend Ed likes to fly and if you spend much time around here you’ll see his red-striped RV-4 zippin’ around in …



Miss Claire and I spent Saturday climbing around Beaver and Deer Creeks  where we caught 4 (that’s right, count em) 4 crawdads. …